Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid Winter Update

I walked into the house after work one day, a few weeks back. The first thing I heard from my lovely wife was "That car is stinking up the garage! What's wrong with it?"

I calmly replied "It's a British car - that's the way they smell". Eventually I too had to admit there was a strong smell of gasoline coming from the car. Upon minimal inspection under the hood I could tell the fuel pump was leaking everywhere. I tightened things to no avail so now, as I write this, the car has a new fuel pump.

From denial to inspection to diagnoses to half-ass-fix-attempt to surrender to purchase of new pump to installation was about a six week turnaround. Meanwhile almost every event where we had friends and family over I wanted to show the car off to came in those six weeks. Not a big deal since Calgary is currently buried under a foot of snow but I would have like to have been able to fire her up for the fans.

There are some small parts I need before I finish skinning my convertible top. And the big thing I'm hoping to get in January/February is my carpet kit from Skinner. But for the most part the car is now a living organism. So much so I often forget to pull the negative off the battery and she doesn't short or run the battery down while I'm away. I come back days later and open the door to the bright courtesy lights.

There is a point in the build where a car becomes more than the sum of its parts. It's the point where the car develops its personality again. We are past that point. The car has a presence. For those who were in my garage over the last couple months and hadn't see the car for a year it's not the same car to them. I can see people's happiness for things saved where there once was a sadness for things lost. Believe me, I've seen both looks over the 3 years I've been into this.

I'm not saying I've created Herbie The Love Bug but, I feel, the essence of a soul is now there. Not every car has it - my wife's Rav4 doesn't. It has more in common with our stove than it does the TR6. But great cars do.

It's Christmastime and I really am enjoying it. Times are good. I like to make sure I convey that in this blog. These entries were so dark for so long during that first year that it makes it that much more important to note the fruits of that struggle.

Hayden and Ruffin wish you a Merry Christmas too

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