Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Show and Tell

This is the point where I shut up and let the pictures do most of the talking. Since I last submitted a blog report Shawn and Dave were over to lend their expertise to the installation of the waist seals for the doors. Between the two of them they have a TR6, TR250, MGB, and TR250 project. AND wives who have given up all hope of parking in the garage - I’ll get Krista there someday. I had the windows in seconds before they installed the waist seals. the windows work great but those waist seals really have me tickled.

I had another order come in from EBay this week that I was trying to avoid but in the end I had to bite the bullet. The order was the column mounted dimmer switch. I reported earlier that I had rebuilt it but it wasn’t staying rebuilt. I opened it up two more times and it would work for a few uses then act up again. I picked a used one up for a hundred bucks including shipping. It wasn’t a screaming deal but almost half of what they retail for. I installed it last night and works great.

It didn’t take me long to get my door panels installed after the windows and seals went in. Within three days I had both new door panels installed. I put all of the hardware on except for one window crank as it’s missing the knob. I have new crank assembly coming in from EBay for sixteen bucks. I hope it will be here this week.

Also received an order from Moss. This ordered contained my windshield wiper blades. Along with those the order also contained seals for between the windows and the convertible top frame.

Speaking of the convertible top - as of this past weekend - I almost have the top completely installed. I need to glue the leading edge but before I do that I want to wait until my leading edge seal channel arrives from Moss. The top provided a lot of challenges not the least of which was a trip to “Michaels Craft Store” for a snap punch, leather hole cutter and Velcro. That place is not fit for man or beast on the weekend before Halloween. After a lot of line-waiting, hammering, tugging and swearing the top looks really good.

Stay tuned...

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