Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Funk beyond Zero Hour

I’m in a funk and try as I might I can’t shake it. Even the excitement of accidentally starting the TR6 in gear (reverse) and have it shoot out of the garage and down the driveway until me and another fellow could wrestle it to a stop couldn’t shake me out of it. Not a proud moment - but rest assure I put the parking brake back together soon after. Geoff, the fellow that was visiting, must have been as shaken as I as he didn’t stick around long after that bit of excitement.

I’ve blown through my second deadline and there is no real sign of when this project will be finished. I don’t consider this a failure but I’m not too happy about it. It comes down to simply a cash-flow issue. The year of the cat continues to be expensive.

To try to alleviate my funk I visited Triumph Close to eyeball a TR250 Dave and Shawn brought up from Arizona to restore - an act of trust and faith that reaches way beyond the comfort zone I have with any of my neighbors. Also beyond belief is that, with the “new” TR250, both Dave and Shawn’s garages are housing vintage British iron in all spots exclusively. Being that they are both happily married I find this amazing. Krista’s Rav4 continues to enjoy a sheltered lifestyle that no other rather homely utilitarian car should. Yes I said car - if I continue to ignore the term “Sport Utility” I’m hoping it will go away. I have the same hope for the term “Adult Contemporary”.

Later the same evening I drove the TR6 to a gas station in the neighborhood to fill the tank and then to visit a quiet country road near here. Although Greg and I haven’t been able to match up schedules yet to install the windshield it was still a good shakedown drive. Two problems I discovered while on my drive. One being that since I fixed the high/low beam switch I lost my left side signal lights. The other problem is more concerning. My clutch master cylinder is bleeding like a stuck pig. I had this same problem in the fall of last year around the time of that drive. I suspect its blow-by from the plunger as my right foot and foot well was soaked in dot4 brake fluid. I had to limp the car home without a clutch which wasn’t great for my starter as I had to stop for two lights. As the car proved by dashing out of the garage earlier, the starter is pretty torque-y but starting the car in first is not great long term plan. The master cylinder is brand new from Moss so I’m not very happy about this.

Today I was able to fix the left signal lights - it was just a pinched wire. I also installed the windshield wiper motor and it works very well.

I guess my first task at hand is to change out the master cylinder. Also hopefully before next week Greg can get he windshield installed. The good news is that we're into the shakedown stage.

Stay tuned...

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