Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back Ordered

The one thing that doesn’t translate in the restoration hobby is a sense of urgency. Not that I’m in a big hurry. I’ve resigned myself that 2011 is the late days of the restoration not the first year of driving. But – still – it would be nice to get a sense that when I make an order that somewhere somebody gets a sense that that list is more than the sum of it’s parts – both literary and figuratively. After a couple inquiring emails I get the words that no one wants to hear: “Back Ordered”.

I’m not sure the ethics of sending out a sales catalog where there are items that are not actually in stock. Only things in stock should be in the sales catalog! That’s why you have a sale, to clear out items in stock. Regardless of the ethical implications of this transaction my dash panel has been back ordered… six weeks… in the year of the cat.

To bridge that period I ordered the door seals and the windshield seals. That and a bulb kit for the dash lights. Not as interesting as the dash panel but still it’s progress.

Stay tuned…

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