Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Face Everyone Can Love

I think it’s important to point out that even before I started this restoration that the emergency brake on the TR worked fine – and most importantly continues to work great. Everything else however…

Finally, after two months of back orders and a rather annoying mail strike, my parts from TRF parts came last night. Because they took so long and that I’ve been pretty whiny about it, Krista let me open everything at the dinner table during supper. Although she did get a little annoyed when I told a headlamp that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Funny enough, I actually knew how to install a headlamp on a TR6. As I installed the first one all these memories came rushing back to me of changing out the light with one from the trunk back in the eighties because someone (probably me) had smashed it with a off-target kick of the soccer ball. I think I became a car guy out of necessity over anything else.

The problem I had with this job in present time was that my twelve dollar riveter broke about halfway through the install. After an ill-advised trip to Home Depot and then a trip at the speed of light to Canadian Tire (where I should have gone first) I had a thirty-six dollar Stanley riveter. Soon after that I had the headlamps installed.

Yearning to see them light up like the rest of the lights on the car I quickly hooked up the battery and flicked the switch… Nothing – no head lamps. I have marker and tail lamps all day long but no head lamps.

Remembering what Shawn has told me about grounds on these cars I went searching for bad grounds. I had no bad grounds. After some more messing around that included jumping the light switch I figured out it was the column mounted dimmer switch. Giggling the switch produced momentary bursts of light. If I stood on one foot while holding the switch up and towards me and crossed my eyes the headlamps would stay on steady.

Eventually I opened up the column and went to pull the switch out and it didn’t really pull out as much as it pulled apart. Lovely, I guess I need a new one of those – this was my point about the emergency brake.

I wouldn’t have minded as much that the switch needs to be replaced but expenses that are non-car related have been hitting me hard as of late. Between the hot water heaters, weddings and a family vacation to Kelowna last long weekend and another trip there coming up on the August long weekend – the TR6 has had to take a back seat.

Although last week I finished a quite rewarding (read: cheap) little project while Krista and Junior where still in Kelowna. I clean, polished and painted the front grill. Shawn blasted the grill for me a few weeks back and I then painted the metal frame with Por15 (big blob on my elbow still to prove it) and the grill itself with black enamel. I polished the stainless parts of the frame and repainted the aluminum bar silver again. I finished the whole thing off with a new horizontal pin strip to replace the original and a new “TR6” badge that finally arrive from TRF yesterday. It turned out great.

Beyond all that Krista (because she has all her fingers) and I installed the side mirror I got from TRF yesterday. That was cool because the side mirror has actually been off the car for longer than I can remember.

I also receive the bolt kit for the front spoiler (I have it pinned in place currently) and the blots for the “Triumph” badge that mounts under the rear bumper. I have yet to install those two items and being that I have to chase the threads for the rear badge that one is going to be a bit of a task.

Things keep bumping along but I’m definitely working from a “cash on hand” place currently so it’s slow going.

Stay tuned…

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