Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Striking Developments

Tanks, there are tanks in my garage... eck.

I have been and always will be a “water will find its own level” guy when it comes to the economy and business in general but this week I find myself a fluffy-wuffy “the government must intervene type.” The Canadian postal system is shut down – closed – or at least it is as I write this. This is crap! I mean it – this really, really sucks. I have TRF parts stuck some where at a postal depot and no one’s doing anything about it. Forget these Social Security cheques. I need my TR6 parts.

Right before everything went south between the posties’ union (did I mention they get seven weeks a year in vacation time) and Canada Post I did receive a box of want now apparently is considered contraband. That is, of course, my war paint, POR15.

Yes, can you believe it? A few weeks back I called over to the worlds worst located body shop and I was told it was outlawed for sale in Canada and they just finished a fire sale of what they had left. The fact that I wasn’t informed of the sale I think was what pissed me off most – the places I need an email flyer from never send one and the places I do get one from are the ones I really don’t need.

Hello – internet! I ordered another sixer of POR15 arm paint from the USA (between POR15, Ebay, TRF and Moss I’m doing my part for the American economy). It came right before they locked out the posties. At least I’ll have that to do.

But what I have coming from TRF is all the cool stuff: The head lamps, and side mirror (remember only one goes on the TR6 – two means you need to refill your prescription of Cialis – put the tools down). I want to see the head lamps light up and I really want to install the mirror. But it looks like there’s just painting in my immediate future.

Well not just painting thanks to Mad Dog Mikey McPherson I picked the two new hot water tanks I need to install. The little orange car is really starting to get the hind tit with this postal strike and now the life of a married home owner.

I am getting pretty close to ordering the windshield. Looks like the bid is going to Drakes as a) they have it and b) they send everything by bus.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a TR6 doesn’t get built in a vacuum. Life still happens. Granted this car has taken a disgustingly high priority in my life but hot showers still rank way up there.

This passed weekend was the Father and Son fishing trip at the ranch and there were about 15 of us out there from Friday on. I was out on Thursday with the dogs. My Mad Dog had to cancel so I was drinking alone with the dogs Thursday night. I don’t have the same hang ups about drinking alone as the rest of my nanny generation does – often the conversation is better.
I can feel and hear dad out there when I’m there alone. I spoke to him a bit about the car, Hayden and some things that are really pissing me off that only he could truly commiserate with me about. It was nice night – woke up Friday with a headache.

Other than the weather it was a great weekend it was good to see everyone. A couple of groups walked out to the tree to see dad over the weekend. I did early Friday before everyone arrived.

At the end of and another blog and again I find myself hoping. This week I hope this damn strike ends.

Stay tuned…

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