Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rubber and Chrome

There’s nothing like black to make Orange really pop. This past week the TR6 had the rear bumper installed along with a new trunk seal, top hood seal and windshield frame seal all installed. All the seals came from TRF and arrived yesterday. Beyond that I installed the windshield washer heads/ wiper moldings.

The car is really starting to look like something. New rubber certainly makes the car. Installing brand new rubber parts is one of those things I didn’t really understand when I was younger. It took being 32 to appreciate that the little things are what make a nice restoration.

I have been pretty myopic lately in using TRF almost exclusively and it’s not like I’ve had a bad experience with Moss – they’ve been great.

Growing up – I can’t help talking about growing up I think it’s having Hayden around – beside my dad’s bed, on his nightstand, he had The Roadster Factory catalogs, various Hayne’s Auto Repair manuals and a Motor’s Auto Repair Manual for Cars from 1961 (It’s stamped inside “Saint Thomas Aquinas School Library”). He was obsessed with the Roadster Factory in a way that someone who only had the catalogs could be - which explains his email to them in 2008.

That being the case there had to be some Roadster Factory parts on dad’s car. I have to say that I’m really impressed with what has arrived so far. Their wiring bullet connectors could use a little refinement but everything looks and works great.

God knows why – but in one of my early part orders I ordered the seal for the front of the engine bay. I’ve had it since spring of last year – really who knows why. I ordered the engine bay seal for the back of the engine bay from TRF this last time around and its way better than the other I’m seriously considering not installing the one I have for the front. I may list it on EBay and get the front one from TRF. I don’t say this to start anything but all the seals from TRF (so far) have a metal inter-liner so they pinch the metal flange coming off the car – this really works well.

I have an order into TRF right now for the headlight kit: buckets, bulbs and chrome. I ordered it early last week and didn’t hear anything back so followed up today and some of it was backordered to late this week (see they’re not perfect).

This weekend I hope to install the lower body trim on both sides and finish bolting down the windshield frame, install the passenger-side defrost vent, glove box and some other small dash stuff.

For those going to Best of Brit’s in Radium – have a great time – you may see me there next year.

Stay tuned…

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