Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father’s days and Plumbing

The Year of the Cat is off to a marginal start. Much in the tradition of this project over the last two years something is again getting in the way. We lost a hot water heater in the new house last week. Krista insists that it’s not something I can just ignore.

On top of that the boiler at my mom’s acreage went south on her so me, and two close friends, (one being Bryan of the KC trip – Bry is clutch) had to spend 12 hours on Saturday installing a new boiler at her place. ARRGGG!!

Having that done I finally got a little work done one the car on Sunday. I mounted the two stainless moldings that go below the doors on each side. That’s a game-changer. Those really give the car a sleek lower line. I also did a little touch-up painting between where the passenger headlight goes and the grill. Tony and I had a bit of miscommunication on if that was supposed to black or orange. He chose black – it should have been orange (Topaz). No biggie and it turned out great.

We’re experiencing a postal strike here in Canada. It’s a rotating deal. They get seven weeks a year off for vacation (I should strike) so I’m not sure what they’re complaining about. Calgary had it last week and I would like to say that’s the reason my headlamps aren’t here yet from TRF – but it isn’t. They are still backordered and because I’m a fool who likes to get pushed around I sent in another order today for the side mirror (only one as God intended), decal for the grill badge and hardware for the front spoiler. I was going to order the lock tumblers also so to finish off the exterior of the car but it wasn’t in my budget (damn you hot water heater!). I hope they read my note and combine shipping or Angy is going to go “postal”.

This upcoming weekend is the Annual Father and Son Fishing Trip at the ranch. It’s been going on for something like 29 years. I mentioned it last year. This is the second year I will attend since dad’s passing. The sibs and I ducked the one in ’09 as it was too soon. Last year was great but I had a lot on my mind with pending employment and the prospect of taking the TR6 to Kelowna the following week. This year I’m in a much better place. I’m headed out on Thursday night with Ruffin, Yogi and the mower and will be way more relaxed then last year. Maddog Mikey McPherson (the other friend on the boiler replacement – to say Mike is clutch is redundant) is joining me that night for porch drinks and I think everyone else is showing up Friday during the day – Perfect.

Eventually Hayden will attend this event - but this year he’s a little too young. I am really, really looking forward to taking him with me to the father and son in three years or so.

Krista notices I get a little owl-ly this time of year and I think it’s related to the father and son fishing trip as I really start thinking about dad a lot. It was one of his favorite events with us boys – and ours with him. Traditionally it would be about today (Tuesday) we’d get an email from him about when he planned to be heading out to the ranch (always Thursday) with his “number one son” Yogi (meaning the dog ranked number one and the three of us ranked somewhere from 2 to 4). He’d inform us that he’s handling the steaks and burgs but we were responsible for our own booze. If I could, I’d join him on Thursday. I think I have an unblemished record for being at the ranch on the Thursday before the father and son for something like seven years – keeping in mind the one I skipped the year after dad passed.

In short there will be no work on the car this weekend. That gives TRF some time to get me the parts I need – c’mon boys lets go!

Everyone have a great Father’s Day weekend and if you can – hug your dad for me.

Stay tuned…

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