Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Before Pics

This past long weekend my father-in-law and I finally were able to epoxy the garage floor at the new house. The second coat (the last coat) went on last night at about 5:30PM (last night was Monday). I didn’t know this when I decided to do this but, as per the instructions, nothing can be parked on the floor for seven days. The TR6 is at the old house waiting patiently but we lose possession of that place on Friday morning – only four days from the application of the last coat.

On top of that doctors, nurses and village elders are telling Krista that the baby is pretty close to coming in for a landing. She was dilated 1 Centimeter last week and 2-3 Centimeters today. The baby is still high in the body but things are getting pretty scary. I just got off the phone with Krista and told her to cross her legs for tonight as me and brother Neal have to move the car one more time before it comes home – how happy do you think that makes me?

Tonight we’re moving the car out into a shop on the acreage of friends of Krista’s parents. This is the same couple from whom I borrowed the trailer to pick up the Belvedere last fall an he’s the fellow who likes Ford Rancheros – none for us are perfect. That trailer will be called into service tonight.

Shawn and Dave stopped by Friday to Show me what I was missing

To ready myself for the move I bought a new battery for the TR6 last night. Up until now I have been using the one Mike the mechanic accidentally left in it when he was tuning the engine. That battery is out of a late model Jag and the posts are backwards so it wasn’t destined to be in there long – thus it didn’t make the move to Calgary from Red Deer. I took the right battery over to the garage late last night along with a little fuel (I think Tony drained the tank when he painted it).

The car was doing fine but it looks like the rearend is continuing to stamp all concrete surfaces with its oily approval. I’m going have to drop that again and fit a new gasket. I’m not sure what it is about me but I struggle with gaskets – both water pump and rearends; although I did once replace the water pump on a trans-mounted V6 in a 1994 Bonneville SSEi and never did leak after that. That fix is near the top of my auto-repair greatest moments list.***UPDATE*** Just got an email back from Tony saying he didn't drain any fuel - Starting to think my missing fuel and the puddle under the diff might be related.

I am also fairly convinced I am getting blow-by at my master clutch cylinder. There was some telltale dampness in the footwell before I sent her for paint which was wreaking havoc with the POR15. Match that with having to top it off after losing my clutch during one of my test drives. AND match that with the clutch noise I was inquiring about on 6-Pack awhile back and I think I have my culprit. This really bothers me as that’s a brand new unit. But more investigation is required at this point.

The car fired right up and purred very nicely in the cool spring air. It was about 10:30 when I fired her and I did at one point accidentally sit on the panic button on the keys for my truck which sent the truck ablaze in light and sound. Yup – I’m that guy.

Lots could happen this week but one thing is for sure I still have 7 FREAKEN DAYS before I can bring the car home.
Stay tuned…

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