Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a Quick Update

Tony phoned me to inform me that, as of this past weekend, the car had been painted. He’s painting the roof as I write this. I’ve lined up a trailer and will be bringing the car to Calgary on April 16th. The newly minted “Wildrose” Chapter of the 6-Pack club is meeting that day near my house so am going to try my best to slide by with the car in-tow.

Thanks Devon Swainson of Q-2 Electrical Contractors of Red Deer and, by extension, Jim and Jer of www.mystarcollectorcar.com, I have use of the same enclosed trailer I used a few weeks back to get the car to Tony’s from the acreage.

With the weather just starting to show signs of civility - I still haven’t had a chance to epoxy the garage at the new place and it’s still a staging area for the many minor, yet I’m told “necessary” renovations in the house. My evenings for the balance of this week will be devoted to cleaning it out with the hopes of epoxying the floor the weekend of the 23rd.

Next week’s post should be a monster with many pictures so I’ll keep this one short.

Stay tuned…

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