Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This weekend, the weekend of March 19th, 2011, the TR6 is going in for body work and paint. Make no mistake, I am very excited.

Jerry, of mystarcollectorcar.com fame (shameless plug), has lined up an enclosed trailer for a song (if that song was about rye) and all signs point to go.

I head to Red Deer Thursday night to spend my Saint Paddy’s evening and traditionally hung over March 18th doing something rather constructive for a change: prepping the car for paint. On the list is pulling the windshield frame, door panels, door windows (and door window guts) dash and, if I can, the door handles. There is much to do.

Saturday I load up the car and take it over to Tony’s place.

Sunday I run up to Leduc for a great used Snap-On tool box for the new place. It’s a clone to the one that I’ve been using at the acreage; the one dad got in 1994 after we had moved our stuff to the acreage but before we moved in. The shop was broken into and a bunch of our stuff was stolen. Dad got the Snap-On box and most of the tools that fill it as part of the insurance settlement for the break in. I don’t remember dad having Snap-On tools before the break in – but I was very young then.

I lusted after those tools growing up. Most of the time they were locked up but I was almost always able to weasel my way into that box when it was necessary.

Those tools are the heart beat of that shop. I could not possibly rationalize taking those tools out of that shop – even to do the finish assembly of the TR.

I love that box. They stopped making them like that. Everything now is long, low and doubles as a work bench. Or big and takes its design queue from the monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Every time I look in the Snap-On catalog (and I do often) I look for a tool box like dear old dad’s and all I see are one’s that remind me of Bluebear’s walk of shame from American Hotrod. I don’t want a tool box like Bluebear – that guy was a tool.

I phoned the fellow that was advertising the Snap-On box and he said he was selling it because he wasn’t in the trade anymore. What does that mean? The closest I can come to understanding what this fellow means is maybe he’s finally been approved for his gender reassignment surgery? That or his boyfriend feels in clashes with their blue Pontiac Aztec. But his loss is my gain.

I spent my Saturday helping Krista's parents move Krista's uncle into new digs but on Sunday brother Neal and I attended the Calgary Auto Show. For the most part it might as well have been a refrigerator show because there was nothing there that really got my heart going. It was just a bunch of designed by a committee, four-wheeled appliances. Karmann needs some business – these major automobile companies should give them a call.

People forget it’s an art. Why is it common knowledge that just because you studied music doesn’t mean you can sing but that logic doesn’t carry over to other disciplines? I think there are a lot of tin ears in the design groups at Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Lexus and a bunch of others that fear of narcolepsy impedes me from naming. These are dark times in the history of cars.

The bright light came this morning as took the train into downtown from the Northwest sector of the city. As I stared out the far side of the train to the north, I saw it. It was a Triumph TR6 sitting high atop a car carrier somewhere between Dalhousie Station and the University. I just got a quick glimpse of it but, sure enough, there it was reminding of what’s next. These are bight times in my personal history of cars.

Also, this past week I received the Fel-Pro gasket kit for the Belvedere along with the fuel pump and water pump. Maybe I’ll find some time Saturday evening to mess around with that.

Expect lots of pictures next week and lots of excitement around the big move.

Stay tuned….

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