Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Shelf is Born

There is an ecosystem to this project that I hope is apparent – but it may not be as I haven’t addressed it for awhile. It is as important that the TR6 room is as functional as the car that comes out of it. I have to leave everything better than I found it – that's one of my mantras.

When my dad passed the shop was jammed with “stuff” and the simple task of changing the oil on the lawnmower in that shop was as unrealistic as restoring a little British sports car in the shop. Most of the first year of this project was devoted to getting the shop up to a workable level - and heated.

To that end most of this past weekend was devoted to building a new self for the TR6 room. I have been dragging my feet with regards to the disassembly of the TR as I didn’t want to put all my shiny new parts on the floor. It gets very crowded in this room very quickly.

I’ve been hurting for shelf space since this project began but I’ve pushed forward. Even that bench I built back in the fall is now a cluttered mess.

I spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday building a shelf. Save for a visit with my grandma Saturday afternoon which was long overdue.

I Angus-sized myself by leaving the only drill that works in Calgary. I had it out at the ranch at Christmas to fix the porch but brought it back to Calgary not Red Deer – oops. I had to use the two handed monster drill to put together my new shelf. Much like my father did with me I ran around in a huff accusing all my siblings before I realized it was me.

With my Grandma visit and the requisite socializing that comes with having my lovely, and very pregnant, wife Krista in tow, I didn’t get to maximize my time at location. Although I am happy that I have the foundation I need to be ass up and head down going forward.

I did get some parts off the car but it was just the seats, top and tail lights. I still have to get the windshield off, the dash out, door handles off, tumblers out, door panels, windows and drill out the top snaps. There is much to do and I’m committed to helping my father-in-law this weekend so it looks like it’s going to come down to the wire.

I might take a personal day on the 18th so I would have the evening of the 17th and all day on the Friday to get the car done for paint. Not that I’m rushing!

It’s still very, very cold here and there is way too much snow. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it gets warm enough here to actually drive this car.

I have booked an enclosed trailer for the 19th for running the car to the other side of Red Deer to Tony’s. Or at least I thought I did as I just got a call from Allan Dale trailers that the one I requested, and put a deposit on, won’t be there. They have a bigger one, an eighteen footer, but that seems like a lot of trailer for a 9 foot, 2500 lb car. We’re arguing on price as I am holding them to the original deal. I should hear back on Thursday – we’ll see.

…Stay tuned

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