Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Short of It

I visited the-little-car-that-could for a short period Thursday night. I was just in town to get my prosthetic foot fix and then back up to Calgary. I had just enough time to drop off the box of parts from Drakes, fire up the car for a few minutes and to put the new oil cap on the engine. The old one was the only thing Mike wasn’t able to make look pretty. That day was the perfect analog for what my overall schedule looks like lately.

The little car has nothing but patience for me but I need to get back at her as there are still milestones that need to be hit – such as paint and body.

On that note, I’d better give my body man a heads up in the coming weeks to see if we’re still on schedule for March. Well… to see if he is, at least, still on schedule as I know I’ve fallen behind.

I’ve made the decision to bring the car to Calgary to do the finish assembly after paint. By then it will be April or May and junior will be with us. I don’t think I’ll be able to sneak off to Red Deer on weekends once the baby touches down.

This past weekend we celebrated Krista’s 30th Birthday with some of her family and friends – we also celebrated my mother’s birthday as she came down to Calgary to visit.

On the car front, other than my visit to Red Deer, very little got done. I’m trying to stay focused but we have a house to sell in the next couple of weeks then we’re into moving.

I should know tonight or tomorrow if I can sneak off to Red Deer this weekend. I’m reaching a dire point where I need to a) get the car disassembled for paint. This includes: remove taillights, windshield/windshield frame, door panel and seats. And b) get the other slant-6 from the Bevy on the ground (I realize that is probably not as important to the TR6 – but I’d still like to have it done).

I’ll keep it short this week but I’ll share a link to an editorial I wrote for Mystar: http://www.mystarcollectorcar.com/2-features/editorials/1048-selling-your-classic-car-on-the-internet-getting-through-the-minefield.html

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