Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On The Rails

Lately I don’t know what’s got into Krista but it seems she’s come over to the dark side. In the morning before work she’s been playing her IPod and all the music seems to be from my home share. Paul Simon, Al Green, Van Morrison… and more and more. Hell, there’s a little Ray Lemontiane in there but I don’t mind that but gone is the “boot scooting boogie bullshit” that use to pollute or abode. I must be a preggers thing.

To close off last week – we bought a house. In the end it wasn’t the one that I wanted at first or one that Krista wanted second. It was one we both fell in love with. I fell in love with the bar in the basement (going to build a kegerator), the three car garage and no neighbors on the one side and Krista fell in love with the rest of it.

We had a meeting at the bank last week about qualifying to buy this place, or any place for that matter, and when we were out celebrating the fact that that went well we ended up hearing back on our offer on this house. Everything happened at the exact same moment. The meeting at the bank was one of the reasons I was drinking last week. I really wasn’t looking forward to that. I hate anything institution that involves suits and a lack of an imagination such as banks, law offices or accounting firms. In the end it was a slam dunk. I guess I keep looking at things from the perspective of my early twenties-something self – I forget that I’m almost 32 now. I guess things other than just renting a car get easier.

Thus brings an end to “Angus’ House Blog”. In fact it ended with a bang. After arriving home from dinner and knowing everything was done my first phone call wasn’t to my mother but it was to Len Drake of Drake’s British Motors to get my next batch of TR6 parts ordered. I had put an order into Len for a quote and was hesitant to act on it when he got back to me. I didn’t want anything on my credit card when we went to the bank – again I’m a big sissy when it comes to banks.

The parts arriving are:

3 x Oil Filter – obviously

Polyethylene Gearbox cover – Replaces the ratty cardboard cover that is all busted out.

Gearbox cover fit kit - obviously

2 x Jack hole plug – Close up the floor pan

Oil filler Cap - the only part of the engine unrestored

Tach cable 31inch – hoping this will straighten out my no tach issue

Speedo cable 69 inch – hoping this will straighten out my no Speedo issue (and to bypass the service meter)

Hood release cable – old one has a kink in it.

Emergency Hood release Kit – backup as these cars are notorious for breaking hood cables and having major issues ever getting them open again

Hood latch plate – old one looks like a dog’s ass next to everything shiny

I’m pretty sure all that will arrive this week. The problem that arises now is that I’m not sure when I will be able to get back to the car. This weekend coming up I have to work all weekend as we are migrating the client over to the latest iteration of our software. We have to do over the weekend while no one is on the database and have everything working as it should before they show back up on Monday. The week after that is Krista’s 30th.

If the theme for this project in 2010 was “Money”, it’s most definitely “Time” here in 2011. I’ve trade one for the other.

As I said in the opener for 2011 this year’s encompassing theme is “Foundation” and we’re off to a good start with the house. Last year’s was “Hope” and I truly believe the year lived up to that.

It’s important at this point to remember to manage success. I believe all the successes I’ve had over the last year have strong roots in this blog. Having to answer to this thing on a weekly basis has really kept me on task. I can’t abandon that at this point and to that end it’s imperative to get the car finished and finished to a point that all the hard work and support that went into it shows through.

If this car is going to be the analog to the relationship I had with my father then perseverance is going to have to be a big part of that. Unfortunately strife has had to be a big part of it also. There’s lots of reasons not to do this anymore. Not the least of which is that I’ve gotten to a good place about my father’s passing. It still hurts but it doesn’t throb like it used to. Another reason is that it has and continues to cost a good chunk of coin. I could have developed a well funded heroin habit over the same period for what has gone into this car. This is definitely the wrong point in my life to take on such a project.

Here’s the catch, the only thing tougher than finishing the car would be not finishing the car. I couldn’t live myself. There has to be a little more to life than mortgages, careers, retirement and honey-do lists. There has to be lightning.

Stay tuned…

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