Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Off the Rails

Last Friday I went flying off the rails. I had to, I was due. We have this meeting at work every Friday where, for two hours, we sit and someone talks about a solution they’ve built in the software. It’s a social way of expanding our solution catalog among all our clients and to make sure we aren’t writing the same thing in two places. During this meeting traditionally we have a few beers. This particular week we got into the gin.

After the meeting I remember distinctly being at two bars. I was supposed to be at the gym and then home for pizza with Krista but that didn’t happen. I also remember being on the train but then getting off because it was moving too fast for my level of intoxication. I remember also getting back on but getting off a too early for the second bar and having to walk seven blocks.

I remember Krista picking me up at some point. I remember passing out while trying to get a sock off. I remember waking up at four AM and not being able to get back to sleep so I watched a PBS thing on Buffalo Bill. I remember puking into a cereal bowl and passing out again roughly around 4:30. I then remember waking up at ten AM and feeling great.

I used to drink a lot. I used to be a bartender. It seems that when it comes to drinking now I’m a bit of a wuss. We’ve gone into that before we don’t need to rehash it now.

The house thing had me wrapped in knots all last week. Everything started moving way too fast. By Thursday night we had an offer on a place. It was a place I found but not the place that grabbed my heart in the beginning. If the place I spoke about last week was Veronica this place, the place we put an offer in on, is Betty.

The limiting criteria have been a 3 car garage. This is almost undoable in Calgary at our price range. Krista wants me around on weekends and knows how I pace the house when I can’t go to Red Deer and work on the car. She also knows after this one there will be another. I mean after, the one I already have another after the TR6, there will be another – and another after that.

The whole process has been pretty stressful and if there wasn’t enough going on already last week Krista’s Grandma passes away. It was to be expected as she was very old but it was hard on Krista and her family.

With all this talk of purchasing a house, mortgages and whatnot I had to come up for air, grab hold of a cold short tumbler of gin and dive in for a night.

Like I said before, since Saturday morning I feel great. I broke my New Years resolution not to drink but hey.. Lent’s coming up soon!

Quick note:

As I’ve mentioned before, at the end of the day, and cars aside, this blog is about fathers and sons. To that point, Mike, of Mike’s British Repair, lost his step dad on Friday fairly suddenly. I’d like to just mention that here and send my condolences to him, and his family. Mike has been the key to the progression of this goal of mine and without him I would have been lost. All my best Mike.

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