Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year – A New Post

I’ll be honest, I’m a little sick of myself – I have had an overwhelming period of windfall over the last quarter of 2010. Nice to have - but it’s not very interesting reading.

Now up a couple of rungs on Maslow’s tree I have become rather obsessed with not resting on my laurels. I am very focused on my career – if my career were a pony I’d be brushing it and hugging it every day.

To that end I am enrolling in a PMI course at the local Polytechnic school (if I write it here I have to follow through – that’s my rule). I am also focused on my health as I’ve stopped drinking and cut out fast food as part of my 2011 regiment. The drinking thing is until the weekend after the kid is born (May) and the fast food thing can be forever as far as I’m concerned. With success has come fat – I’ve gone soft on you.

At the same time these are great problems to be focused on. Remember last year at this time? Look back I’ll wait… I was staring down the no job situation (hadn’t hit panic yet) and had the wedding course coming up. Weird how things are like that – I probably have a child birth class coming up.

Related to the other thing I am focused on resolving: I had the pleasure of firing up the little orange car on Boxing Day (day after Christmas for you Americans) for my Uncle Jim, Jer, Don, cousins Stu and Pat and second cousin Darcy. Almost all of them had not heard the car since it was last on the road in ’81. It was fun to show it off.

One of my uncles even said – when he heard it run – “geez, I remember trying to get the courage up to ask Bruce to drive it back then.” He would have been around 19-20 years-old at the time.

I’m glad for the time off from the blog and hope everyone comes back to see how this concludes. I have a lot to say – that’s the upside of not writing for a month – so I hope everyone comes back to follow it into the home stretch. I’ll do best to keep it interesting… and on Tuesday.

Welcome to 2011.

Angus Sutherland

Caretaker of his father’s TR6

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