Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poot gets the Boot

Over the last three days here we've received about a foot and a half of snow. The Little TR6 is tucked away tight for now. It's safely away. Other vehicles aren't as safe.

Last week I mentioned that "Poot" my trusty pick-up had developed a rather persistent power steering leak. It's not fatal but it's most definitely a pain in the ass.

Well, the word came down from on high last week. I was telling my wife, Krista, my plan to install a new steering rack from the wreckers when she, turned, looked at me like I had three heads and said, "What are you thinking? We're having a CHILD - you have to get rid of that stupid truck with freakin' 267000kms on it and get something more dependable. You're not fixing that truck again!"

Krista has been cool for a very long time - and I have given her a lot to be uncool about (Belvedere - anyone?) so for her to come down like this is significant. I had to take her seriously.

I hate the word "dependable". It makes me think of the Toyota Camry, minivans and mutual funds -eck.

I definitely live a life that requires a truck. I love the TR6 but it ain't built for Home Depot or the dump.

Later - I was reflecting on the order I was given while sitting on the toilet reviewing last month's Popular Mechanics. As I flipped through I stumbled on ad for a vehicle called the Dodge POWER WAGON. What a beautiful truck! I don't get excited about new vehicles often but this started my heart. The damn thing has a winch tucked in behind the bumper. This is a truck only Tim Taylor could have dreamed up. That's the truck!!

This was the truck - the only truck that could replace good ol`Poot.

I ran it by Krista and she said and I quote:

`` Get whatever the hell you want - as long as it doesn`t come home on a trailer!``

Most people would not find that caveat limiting but most people aren`t me.

I soon found out that with my job now secure and with me able to avoid any debt over my ``lost year of car restoration`` that I could come close to affording this truck if I got the right deal - it was going to be close.

Most people would walk into a dealership and talk to a sales person. The thought of doing that horrifies me to no end. Although I did get my nerve up enough to call the Dodge dealership near our house. Within minutes of being on the phone I had a sales guy trying to get my address so he could come by with a Dodge 2500 so Krista and I can ``check it out``.

Sales guy? At our house? Where we live? That wasn't happening. And besides it starts with someone showing you something different than what you want and you are starting down the road to compromise. Next thing you know - Wham! Camry!

I had to change my approach. I decided to go with what I know.

I wrote emails to six different dealerships telling them exactly what I wanted. I wanted a 2010 Dodge Power Wagon. Not a Dodge 2500 4x4 - a Power Wagon. And I wanted it cheap.

That's when Sales guy Survivor Island began. Out of six I had four participants but only two real contenders. A third chimed in halfheartedly at one point but for the most part it was two.

They'll do anything to not tell you the number. They'll slice it and dice it but they don't want to be pinned to an all-in-and-done number.

I got pretty nasty playing them off each other. And they weren't allowed to phone me - I wanted everything in email - that way I could pin them to what they had said.

In the end two guys were trying to sell me the same truck. I know this 'cause they both sent me the same VIN. It was Silver too - just like the one in the ad from Popular Mechanics. The problem was that they were a bout 5000 dollars over where they needed to be.

My price was unrealistic - and I was told this often - but I could wait.

But I didn't have to.

Finally one of the fellows broke the stalemate and dropped his price by 8,000 dollars. It was like Ali's famous anchor punch. It was all over.

I put a deposit on it today. Krista and I go pick it up next weekend - and I might even have a buyer for Poot.

Stay tuned...

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