Thursday, November 11, 2010

The List

These last few weeks I’ve had little time to think of the little orange car as work, my MIG course and baby-related stuff are splitting my time equally. Last weekend I found myself wandering around the Hudson’s Bay Company looking a strollers and cribs. This is an area of expertise and is foreign to me and my level of interest is inversely related to the distance I am from an Orange Julius stand.

Although the MIG course started out slow I really enjoyed the last two classes as they seem to be getting closer to processes related to my interest. The teacher let us work with a flux-core setup last night. Flux-core is slick. Although I would be hesitant using it on body panels it seems that it would be perfect for engine mounts or bigger trailers. I have been tricked when it comes to flux-core I thought it was just for those gas-less doorstop machines but that isn’t the case – you can put a lot of heat through flux-core – if it’s setup right.

We’ve determined that my Lincoln Weld-Pac 140 sucks. Apparently everyone except me is a Miller fan. I don’t have a camp but just having that Lincoln puts me on the wrong side of the fence. The teacher mentioned bringing in a “Miller-matic” 140 next week and I mentioned that it was essentially what I had. I was quickly reminded that mine was a Lincoln branded Canadian Tire special. Welders seem worse than Chevy and Ford guys.

Poot – my steadfast truck – has been a pain in the ass as of late. He has developed a leak in both ends of the steering rack. I suspect one has been happening a bit for awhile but now both seals are totally shot and is essentially drains the power-steering system every 2.5 days. I’m pretty sure the neighbors are going to call Environment Canada pretty soon. The TR6 is kicking Poot’s ass in user-friendly repairs.

I called Dodge for a price on new seals, gators and tie-rod ends. I was told that the steering rack – much like the Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep – was an unserviceable item. I was then informed a new one is 800 dollars. I found a used one for 225 at a wreckers – so this looks like a job for the early part of next week.

This weekend my leaky truck and I are headed to Red Deer for a three day “shop-a-ganza”. Shop of course in the masculine tense – meaning large building. I have a friend helping me to install a basin sink in the TR6 room, a tow truck from “” coming for one of the derelict ’89 Acclaims and I want to get some more junk hauled out so I can move the ’64 New Yorker 2 Door and the ’70 K5 Blazer inside – with the rest of the keepers.

I guess I haven’t gone through the keepers list yet. From the Thirty some cars that were out there at one time we, as a family have decided to keep:

1. 1976 Triumph TR6 – Obviously
2. 1964 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door – Very rare 2 door push-button Chrysler. No engine - no trans.
3. 1948 Chevy Torpedo back – this was the car my dad had when he was 16 and we found it for his fiftieth birthday – got it running and gave it back to him. Not a car – but the car. Why keep it – why not?
4. 1980 Plymouth Road Runner – Volare really but it was badge only as a Road Runner in 80. Dad and I acquired this car in 1995 after it had been t-boned and restored it as a driver – it sat for the last 8 years and I started pulling it apart just before dad died as a 360/380 (probably 400 now) crate engine candidate.
5. 1988 Monte Carlo SS – Brother Neal’s car – running, re-splashed once but could use some attention.
6. 1977 Chrysler Newport – 2 door hardtop – Runs too nice to junk – not popular enough to sell. It’s in that safe grey area.
7. 1970-71 K5 Blazer – complete but not running - I get a call almost once a week on this unit. My sister wants to hang onto it and all you need in this family to stay is one vote.
8. 1964 Chrysler New Yorker – 4 Door Sedan – Running gear and parts for the 2 Door – the car we drove back from California in the spring of 2008 – dad’s last trip.
9. 1980 Dodge R/T – Parts car for the Runner.
10. 1964 Chrysler – 4 door hard top – another parts car for the 2 door. All we’re missing for that year and model is the wagon.
11. 1964 Dodge 330 – junked after it donates its running gear to the Belvedere project.
12. 1963 Belvedere – we’ve talked about this.
13. 1966 Dodge 3 Ton Grain truck - Runs but doesn’t stop all the time – Nobody loves this but me.

Cars that need to go:

1. 1989 Plymouth Acclaim – Two engines and one front clip – served honorably from 1994 until 2002.
2. 1990 Dodge Spirit - front end damage
3. 1991 Dodge Spirit – rear end damage – seeing the logic here?
4. 1981 Monte Carlo – Neal’s other Monte Carlo – ran fine until Neal did a little Duke boy damage to it.
5. 1984 Toyota Corolla – 500,000KMs logged before a drunken kid hit it front of my house – Neal’s car.
6. 1991 Plymouth Sundance – shell of a car – not even clear to me why we have it. Too many years, too many cars

Looking at this list it seems that there are still a disgusting amount of cars on the acreage. My mother is a saint.

Stay tuned…

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