Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fence

I started riding the bike to work again since the weather has warmed up but for those weeks in September we had rain, frost or a combination there of I was riding the train into downtown. There is one stop on the train about half way there where from the railcar I can see a fence that I helped build this time last year. That was at the same time I pulled the motor on dad’s car.

I make sure I look at that fence every time I go by as it’s there to remind me to stay focused. I did not enjoy most of the steps that got me to this point but to be here, a year later, married to the women I love, in a great job that gets more interesting every day and, most certainly the least of which, to have the car this far along is unbelievable.

Not much has happened in the last couple of weeks I but hope to get a modest order off to Len on Monday or Tuesday.

Stay tuned…

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