Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Quick Update

I realized that I haven't followed up on this in the last couple of weeks. Work has been a bear as I am trying to sprint through my probationary period by being ass up and head down.

But what I will say is brother Neal and I are taking off for Kelowna this Saturday morning (Sept 11, 2010) at 5AM to go and bring the little car back to Alberta. I have the U-Haul trailer booked and we are rolling in the "Big Dawg" - Dad's Dodge Diesel that Neal has since purchased from mom.

I must say that I'm pretty excited about the idea of seeing the little car in person again. It has been almost 2.5 months since it went west.

There will be a lot of pics and video from this I assure you.

Stay tuned...

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