Monday, July 5, 2010

It's always darkest...

“Maybe it’s the lateness of the hour that makes me seem bluer then I am” – Bill Withers

Even now more than a week later I find my predicament hard to fathom. The gig, the great gig, the gig I wrote the post about is on hold. But to keep me going I was offered different a job with a major utility company.

Everything was in order. I submit a driver’s abstract (a surprisingly clean one) and I passed a background check (nothing that would hold up in court).Then they wanted me to pee in a cup and participate in a simple physical. Those were no brainers. As long as I didn’t bush my teeth with CC I should be fine. And I haven’t been at the business end of a “bad boy” since university. Even then it was only so I could relate to my roommate. If I let him smoke a whole one on his own the conversation would really suffer.

The physical was scheduled for Monday morning; the Monday after the Father and Son Fishing Trip and the day before I left for Kelowna with the car. I had the trailer on behind the truck when I showed up for the physical. It's fair to say I was already out the door mentally.

The physical was really simple and about half way through it I asked the administrator if anyone had actually failed. She assured me that people had. When I was done she informed me that I had failed the step test and would have to do it again. Apparently my heart rate was too high before, during and after.

This was a shocking revelation and suffice it to say had a rather negative effect on my already ragged heart. The second time around she stopped me half way. I had failed. My resting heart rate was around 100 bpm and she wasn't clear what my taxed heart rate was but it was significantly higher than what it was supposed to be.

She informed me that I shouldn’t bother to show up at my pee test. I was told that I should get a hold of the guy who hired me. I did and he told me he’d get back to me right away. I didn't think it was the end of the world as I was hired to install security software for surveillance equipment for public spaces (LRT platforms, Bus terminals). It wasn't like I was going to be lugging bundles of cables or doing anything real physical.

This was all rather shocking. I have one leg and am a rather big dude but I have always been active. I have a cross-country bike, which I ride and every year for the last 5 years I have had a gym membership – excluding this year of course.

Having not heard back from my guy I went ahead to my pee test and they promptly threw me out like I had the plague. It was rather horrifying because I had been in the very same place two years ago getting the same test to visit a site for a pilot project with my former employer.

My presence made the receptionist uncomfortable and while I waited to speak to the nurse she milled around anywhere that wasn’t the front desk.

When I finally got a chance to talk to the nurse she informed me that as far as they were concerned I was done and would not be working for this employer. I went onto explain that I am really overall in good health and that it must be stress (car, unemployment, wedding - pick one) that caused this result, being that it was an outlier to all my other results, she rebutted that I was out of breath even now. I explained that was because I was excited and stressed out even more now. She nodded along like a bobble-head. It became increasingly obvious that she had no discretion in this matter and even if she did she lived and died by what was written in her reports.

I left there and tried to get a hold of my guy again to no avail. With nothing else I could do and feeling rather defeated I hopped on highway 2 and head north to Red Deer to fetch the car.

Tuesday I didn’t hear from my guy and Wednesday, when I wanted to stop in a Drake’s and spend some time at Mike’s Shop, I hurried back from Kelowna to get some of my own results. I charged my own Garmin heart rate monitor and found my resting heart rate to between 68-74 bpm. After a week on the elliptical I had a hard time getting my heart rate over 145 bpm average for an hour workout. I wasn’t at my personal best but I wasn’t far off.

I finally heard back from my guy but he couldn't tell me much. I have been pushing to get another test but it doesn’t seem to be happening in a timely manner. I have an appointment with my doctor but none of this puts money in my jeans.

This week I continue to work out and hope for the best. I am taking some meetings but I am rather distraught that this is still an issue.

Mike still has the car and I am hoping for pics from Krista tomorrow as she is out in Kelowna with her ‘rents. I was supposed to be there also but I couldn't risk taking time off from working out.

Bet you didn't see that one coming. I'm starting to feel like Sipowicz from NYPD Blue. I had stop watching that show 'cause I didn't want to see anything more happen to him. Poor bastard.

I am hoping for a happier car-related post next week.

….Stay tuned.

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