Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I went to my first day of work at my new job yesterday. It wasn’t the one where they took my heart rate. It’s the one I wanted. The one I wrote the blog post about back in May.

Remember this picture?

Yah, that job.

I have to say it’s great to be back to work. I was told I had the job and they were going to start me on the 19th about two weeks ago. I wasn’t going to tempt fate by saying anything on here about it until I actually walked through the door. Can you blame me?

It’s been a long haul getting back in the stream and I have to thank Krista as she has been an absolute saint and very patient throughout this process. She admits now that she did consider leaving me… but only once.

I spent yesterday populating a database with data for land lease locations. It was dry but damn better then daytime television. I expect it to get more interesting as I get a better handle on the software. Seems like a good crew and I they even gave me a key to the bathroom.

Krista and I also found out they are going to give me time off for our honeymoon in Florida next month. Just to fill you in we’re flying into Miami next month and driving down to Key West. Then back up to Fort Lauderdale and spending a few days there.

We are three weeks from the wedding. Obviously the car won’t be there but I am pretty happy with the progress. With a little luck and the money I sent west this week hopefully the motor will find its way into the engine bay this week.

Mike sent beautiful pictures of the motor all assembled. I’m really starting to miss the little car. I stopped into the acreage on Sunday after my Stag and it was hard to walk through the TR6 room without it being there.

At the same time I had a great Stag at the ranch on the weekend with about 17 of my closest friends. It was supposed to be a beer-apoolza weekend with events and such but a few of us overindulged on the Friday night therefore making Saturday a little less lethal. Overall it was a great weekend that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It was punctuated with some absolutely hilarious moments, a great round of golf, great people and great people. I have to thank my best man Bryan for harnessing these personalities and putting it together. I also want to thank Clarkson for the infrastructure he put into the beer-pong table and such. It was a shame with didn’t make it past beer darts.

Stock Ranch Photo

It’s now 5:53 Tuesday morning and I have to shower for day two for work. Isn’t cool I have a job?

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