Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend of May 1st - Part 2

So I made it through herding the kindies to and from the pool this morning and it looks as if my afternoon was very well spent also (more on this next week).

Saturday was a very fruitful day. Most impressively I mounted and welded the driver’s side rocker panel. At the risk of being inconsistent I did this side better than I did the other side. Instead of cutting the panel to fit in places where the old flange was sandwiched between two panels – I left the new panel intact and drilled out the spot welds on the flanges and removed the entire old panel including at the door posts and at the wheel well.

It was a very messy process and there is some follow up welding to do but the panel fits as intended. Most importantly I feel as my skillset is improving as I go. Both panels look good but there is a marked improvement between how each was mounted.

Next I mounted both A-arms, spring, shock and spindle assembly. Again I used my perforated metal strapping method to compress the spring and again it worked perfect - my head is still attached to my shoulders.

After I had that together I couldn`t help but install the steering arms. At this point the entire steering assembly is back together. This marks the first system on the car that has been restored to better-then-new from end to end and is complete. I found that very exciting. I’m starting to put things to bed.

As I now have the area underneath the brake booster painted I felt it would be a good time to string out the wiring harness. I had pulled it back under the dash for cleaning and painting in the engine bay.

Before reinstalling the harness I took some glass cleaner and a rag and wiped it clean. I was surprised to find the tape was grey and not black like electrical tape.

When I removed the wire harness back in January I made sure I collected all the rubber sheaths that cover the metal tabs that hold the harness in place. I cleaned those also before I reinstalled them.

Much like the steering it was very satisfying have another system reinstalled on the car.

After installing the harness I got distracted by the fact that when I installed the new signal light switch a few weeks back I didn’t run the wires down the column. With my head under the dash and my feet on the trunk panel I worked for over an hour to tease the three wires through the opening around the column. This process really, really sucked but it was very satisfying to complete.

eventually I broke from my day of success after success for dinner. When I returned I focused my attention on the master cylinder, brake booster and the starter.

With the booster corner repainted I felt it was now time to mount the booster but it needed some attention first. I stripped the booster’s rust-coated exterior with the wire wheel and cleaned the master cylinder on my bench grinder.

After having everything shinny again I proceeded to paint the booster. As I waited for that to dry I started cleaning up the starter. Originally I thought I would replace the starter as it looked really terrible but it cleaned it up pretty well. We’ll see if it works – it should. I went on to paint the starter also.

While I was at it I painted the driver’s side sway bar mount; thus using up the last of my gloss black on hand.

I retired at 1 AM. I work from 9 in the morning to then only stopping for lunch and dinner. It was a very fruitful day.

Given my successes on Friday and Saturday I took it easy on Sunday and only installed the brake booster, master cylinder and the sway bar link on the driver’s side suspension. This light schedule left some time to do some cleaning up outside the TR6 room as the weather was so nice and I hadn’t been inclined to pay attention to the mess outside the back of the shop since spring.

It was a very successful weekend and invigorated me for the closing months of this project. I am very, very happy with what I got done.

Stay tuned...

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