Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend of May 1st - Part 1

This weekend – above all others – I felt I was both effective and efficient. After having last weekend off my focus was now concentrated like a laser beam. I started with picking up the now-fixed driver’s seat up from Ken of Ken-do’s Vinyl Repair. We met in the parking lot of Red Deer’s Costco for reasons that are not clear to me – unless Ken was scared the meet was a hit and wanted to insulate himself with 300 witnesses.

I was very impressed with Ken’s work but I’ll let you be the judge. The repair cost 150 dollars.

Getting the seat was a great way to start off the weekend. I was so happy that I took my positive outlook and applied it to 4 hours of wire wheel grinding on the inside of the driver’s side wheel well. I really, really hate removing undercoating and paint. The thrill is officially gone. I grinded as long as I could stand it then moved on to touching up the area under where the brake booster sits – with the touch-up paint I got off the internet (not at CAPS in Red Deer because they’re useless and I am pretty sure the guy who works behind the counter kicks puppies in his free time).

I continued to coat the corner over the balance of the weekend – as needed. For kicks and giggles I then decided to install Art Lipp’s steering wheel bushing kit. It didn’t take long to install as I had most of the steering assembly apart. All I had to do is remove the actual steering wheel. Getting the steering wheel off was easy as the nut holding it on was loose. The wheel pulled right off – handy but less than reassuring.

The kit consists of two heavy-poly bushings each about an inch wide. One, the one that goes into the bottom of the column has a bit of a flange to keep it from traveling up the column. The top bushing slides down the column about half a foot. Both bushings are greased on the inside and are held in with Gorilla Glue on the outside (glue used to glue gorillas to other gorillas for transport - go ahead wiki it).

This project took me right up to supper and the result was so revolutionary that it inspired me to install the steering rack on the new aluminum mounts and (eventually) hook up the steering arms. This car’s steering now feels more solid than your Toyota Corolla – seriously go check - I’ll wait. It feels more solid than that.

After dinner I painted Por-15 on the frame rail and shock tower in the driver’s side wheel well. This set me up for installing the upper and lower a-arms, spring, shock and spindle on Saturday.

Not done yet, I went on to remove the driver’s side door and cut out the driver’s side rocker panel.

To be continued…. I have to supervise the boys in Krista’s class getting changed for swimming tomorrow morning - no jokes please I`m horrified enough already.

It seems there is a big problem with boys in Krista`s class putting their bathing suits on over their underwear, swimming and then sitting in wet underwear all afternoon. It is my job to thwart that. I`m the underwear cop.

Apparently my conscious decision not to go into education as a vocation is lost on Krista. And I didn’t help anything tonight when she left a half a can of coke in the fridge and I drank it and then filled it up with water and put it back. Surprise! I’m helping tomorrow! I also have another job interview tomorrow afternoon and I still have homework from my interview today. So more blog tomorrow.


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