Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fenders and Guitars

Tonight I’m writing this from the basement because the house is intolerably warm. We are in the middle of a spring heat wave here in Calgary.

Last week found me in Langdon, Alberta to meet a guy with a car hauler to pick up Kerbi and Derek’s 1991 Toyota Corolla Wagon. As you may or may not remember, they donated their Corolla to the TR6 cause. After a month and a bit on Kijiji (Canadian version of Craig’s List) and actually selling it on EBay only to have the buyer renag because he didn’t own a globe – I finally offloaded this crate.

Apparently the miled-out wagon is getting a second lease on life in India. The fellow who bought the car for 375 Canadian dollars curbs these cars overseas. He sure knows his clientele as everyone who called me on this car was of East Indian descent.

Two hundred dollars from that sale went directly into Tony Kind’s hot little hand. Tony is that cat who did the body work on the rear passengers-side fender. Tony had it all done and I finally picked it up Saturday morning. I was impressed with the fender but since fitting it I have some concerns.

Having only Saturday and Sunday to work on the car I had to work quickly. My first task was to paint Por-15 on the inside of the fender. While that dried I painted the inside wheel well on the front driver’s-side and removed the rear driver’s side independent suspension setup.

Later Saturday night the fender was dry enough to attempt an install. I looked all week to try and find rubber which originally sealed the fender to the car. I failed miserably – which I found strange because 14 years ago I found this stuff at Acklands. I was mounting a fixed side window in my Volare Road Runner back then. The people at Acklands told me since then they split the sheets with Bumper-To-Bumper there are a lot of things they don’t have anymore. Bumper-To-Bumper said they had no idea what the hell I was talking about. I ended up buying silicone gasket maker at Canadian Tire. It should actually work better.

Fitting the fender took forever and I am still not satisfied. I guess it would be naive to think it would go back together as nice as it looked originally. On top of that I’m a little concerned that in an area that Tony fixed a rust hole by welding in a patch it doesn’t seem to have the same arc as it once did. There seems to be a difference between the door and where it meets the fender now. I’m holding out hope that it might be one the anomalies that come up when these cars are raised on jack stands.

****Note much of the black you are seeing is not silicone but POR-15 as I coated it on both the fender and the car body along the seam****

I picked up some more Por-15 last week along with a bottle of Marine Clean (find somewhere else to be after you spray this shit). I spent Sunday ignoring the fender and instead I cleaned and painted the driver’s side floor pan. I also did some painting on the driver’s side frame rail.

On Monday I order 600 dollars worth of parts from Drake’s. This is my Third and, hopefully, second last order. Len is working to have those here before the long-weekend coming up.

Included in this parts order is everything I need to re-mount the rearend, driver’s side front rotor, brake hydraulics, and includes all six u-joints needed for the drivetrain.

Also last week, I corresponded with Mike of Mike’s British Car Repair about my engine and his timeline. I’m a little concerned that he’s behind but I have no idea of how he does things so… I know I, myself, am behind by a least three weekends. That situation concerns me.

Another area of concern is the fact that Tony has now said there is no way he is available to take on the body work to prep this car for paint. Tony has indicated he could paint it if someone else prepped it.

It looks as if I am going to have to go the mountain. Now I have to track down one of the world’s best body men but I have my reservations. I’ll have more on this mission in the weeks to come.

This blog is going in late tonight because at the last minute I scored cheap tickets for Krista and me to attend the David Gray concert here in Calgary. It was a great show and we ended up with great seats looking straight down at the stage from stage left. The tickets said obstructed view but it didn’t seem to be the case.

When I got my first IPod in 2005 I setup two playlists before I did anything else. They both became a bit legendary over the years. Over three IPods and now an IPhone they still exist. One list is called ``Bruce Approved” and the other is called “Belly Rubbing”.

The first list was music both my dad and I shared interested in and became popular with dad and his pals. The other, the Belly Rubbing one, was... well let’s just say it became popular with a smaller, less hairy crowd. David Gray was featured prominently on that list. I’m a big, big fan.

Stay tuned…

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