Monday, March 1, 2010

Raging Guilt

So it’s been two weeks since I’ve been to work on the car. That is not sitting well with me but there are two sides to the “car at the wedding” equation. The car side has been laid out in excruciating detail on these electronic pages. The other side of the equation is as important (split-tails would argue it’s more important). The other side is, of course, the wedding and there actually being one to drive the TR6 to. If I don’t get wed I think I could end up like the brothers Jay Leno bought one of his Hudsons from: keeping carburetors in the kitchen sink and heads in the kitchen cabinets.

To that end I have been doing my damndest to get this career situation cleared up. I realize that my perpetual unemployment has been integral part of the suspense so far but I need to get this wrapped up before we hit the third act. Who wants to marry an unemployed guy? And who wants to be an unemployed guy at their own wedding? I’m running out of witty remarks to “so what are you up to now?”

I have only really been unemployed since the beginning of December when I, as Gordon Lightfoot would say “… got burned it a three way script… enter number two”, but December is traditionally a pretty slow month. Everyone is checked out for the month. I always found that December and August are the two worst months to try and accomplish any business. On top of that I spent the first week being shocked by my unexpected unemployment with the added burden of the high holy season approaching. I spent the rest of the month bucking lumber to sell and feeling sorry for myself.

Since January I have been pretty dedicated to the job hunt. My dedication grows with each day I find I have an abundance of free time. It’s now been two months, 9 drafts of my resume and 467 drafts of my cover letter and I am just starting to see some movement. According to the Calgary Herald there is about seven percent unemployment in Calgary right now. As Calgary has a population of 1,079,310, according to Wikipedia, that would put 75,551 people in the job market with me. That is one scary-ass number.

It seems that I couldn’t have picked a worse time (economy-wise) to end my career last spring. Thinking back on that hard decision I still think it was the right one. Now is the time to take risks – no kids to consider. To misquote Joni Mitchell – it wasn’t the time of year but definitely the time of man – to move on.

So here’s to next week’s blog (I am tipping a mug of Kokanee Gold beer) being happier than this one. I am committed to this project but success has to include me being employed.

In other news the fender arrived (see pic).

Stay tuned – it’s just getting interesting…

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