Monday, March 15, 2010

A hung-over guy lies under a car

There were some long moments this weekend when the best I could do to contribute to this project was to lay still under the TR6 on the warm heated floor and try my best to not throw up.

I have had a couple of interviews in the last weeks but the job search rolls on. I rolled into Red Deer Friday afternoon. My sister just got an evening gig as a bartender in town so me and some friends rolled in to run her through her paces. It went so well we tried a second bar. The last thing I remember was ordering pizza sometime around three and promptly passing out.

Early Saturday morning Donald showed up to pick up his 1974 Triumph TR6 thus ending my career as a big time car importer. Having the advantage of going to bed at a reasonable hour he beat me out to the acreage by at least a half hour. Don had a great Uhaul trailer setup that might be in the cards when the TR goes west for its engine.

After assisting Donald, to the best of my deteriorated ability, and about eight big glasses of water I headed out to the shop to attempt to work on the car. Suffice it say work went slowly. I spent the morning removing the right rear suspension brackets. This tasked would be better performed by someone with a clear head as the inter bracket is a puzzle. The frame rail prevents the removal of the bushing bolt and the bushing bolt prevents the removal of the bracket bolts. I finally got the bracket out by removing the old shock linkage there by freeing everything up.

The brackets and bolts were all that nice rust color I love so much. I was not looking forward to another afternoon of the stool and the power drill so I headed into town to look at a bench grinder. Canadian Tire (I love that my dad’s favorite store keeps making cameos) had 6” bench grinders for 40 dollars. I made the investment along with a wire wheel and a polishing wheel. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and polishing bolts. That was after a half an hour of shimming the wheels so they would spin freely. As I went through this progress I couldn't help but wonder who needs a grinder with two grinding discs – how many lawnmower blades can one sharpen in a life time? It must be that there is a lot of misplaced sexual tension taken out on mower blades.

I also cleaned up the brackets and painted them flat back and that’s about it.

I had some serious questions about camber solutions for the rear wheels so it was time to retire to consult my cloud sourcing geniuses at The car has negative camber angle on both rear wheels (see pic).

In other news I got my tax return and almost all of it is going back into the car. I now have my second order into Drakes and it will include rotors, brake hoses, drums, rear spring shims and a few other must-have parts to keep this project rolling along.

I also bought a custom interior from a fellow TR6 enthusiast who built it himself. He does beautiful work and I got it for the right price. I’m not sure how much of it I am going to use as dad’s door panels are in great shape – but I needed the rear wheel hump covers and other pieces. These things are not sold separately. I got the panels for less than half the price of a new kit and I know these are built better. Take a look at my new panels here.

All things considered it was a pretty good weekend for a hung over guy. Next weekend should be a good one also as I am back at it and maybe even with more parts.

Stay tuned…

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