Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress – Sweet Progress

The car and I had a good week – meaning meaningful employment and I are still at odds. I spent Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday working my ass off. It wasn’t pretty; I was quite unshowered and disgusting by the time Thursday afternoon rolled around. Tuesday night I logged 5pm ‘till 2am, Wednesday from 9am ‘till midnight and Thursday 9am ‘till 3pm.

I spent most of the time grinding. I started off with the wire wheel on my angle grinder until it caught on an edge of the shock tower, flipped out of my hands, nicked my ear and the top of my left shoulder. It was at that point I went to Canadian Tire and got some wire wheels that fit my drill. The drill had considerably less torque and was way more manageable.

I eventually setup a stool which I clamped a small vice to and used that and my drill to grind paint and rust on the A-arm parts related to the left front wheel. I did that for most of Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday night I spent stripping paint and rust out of the wheel well and inter-fender. I also spent some time on Tuesday dry fitting the rocker panel. I mocked it up to see how close it would fit. You’ll see in the pics it looks good.

Throughout the day on Wednesday I painted the interfender. I primed with a zinc-based primer. This might be controversial but, after a few coats of the zinc, I sprayed an old school red primer to match what was on the car originally. Later I that night I sprayed a few coats of a flat black. This is not correct but it looks good. What would be correct is body color and then rubberized undercoating. After all the primer and flat black I sprayed a few coats of a clear coat.

I hung the suspension parts I finished sripping on a string line and sprayed them flat black and clear coated Thursday morning.

The paint removal with the drill is a slow progress. I saw that Canadian Tire has bench grinders on for 50 bucks. The purchase of one might be in my future. A blasting cabinet would be ideal but that’s not in the cards.

I am impressed with the outcome of my three days of work but I am rather distraught with the time it took. I must have at least 50 hours into the single wheel well and still some mileage to go.

I returned to Calgary Thursday evening, bought a pizza and Krista and I nursed our newly neutered pooch through recovery. I am not sure which one of us, the dog and I, where in worse shape on Friday. I was worn right out from the long hours of my blitz. Ruffin was walking funny.

I sold the Moped this weekend to a kid from Canmore for 500 dollars. The Lincoln 140 Mig is on sale at Canadian Tire for 500 bucks. I haven’t made a decision to invest right now as my future is still rather uncertain. At the same time that price is 150 bucks lower then retail. That won’t last very long.

Stay tuned…

A quick shout out to a fellow name Scott who sent me this pic of his father with his Topaz TR6 along with an inspiring email. Scott also lost his dad too soon but still has the car and has kept it up. This Blog is about fathers and sons.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Angus, and keep up the great work (not that you need any encouragement). Your restoration shows that in some respects, despite what Thomas Wolfe wrote, you can go home again. Best wishes! Scott