Monday, February 8, 2010


There is very little excitement going on in my life right now as I am STILL unemployed -anyone out there looking to hire the former GM of a small software development firm with an education in marketing and addictions to TWIT podcasts and Wired magazine? – and oh ya, a car project that resembles a coke habit. I’m on the verge of going and eating worms. But, before I breakout the shovel, inspiration knocks – my parts have arrived!! Well, most of my parts – still waiting on my fender.

Torture – as I know it – is having parts and not being able to get to the car. We had a couple of events here in Calgary that I needed to attend so no car time this weekend.

I am however headed to the car tomorrow night for two days of working. The bad news is I am headed there without a MIG welder. I saw my MIG budget squirt out the tail end of our small dog that had a stomach bug. He required a vet visit, meds and special food for a week. Oh, well.

The coolest thing from this last week is when I discovered I planned to swoop in and drop a link to this – The-World’s-Greatest-But-Yet-To-Be-Discovered-Blog – but I stayed and found the richest TR6 resource I’ve seen yet. I’m still only half way through the forum and links.

So in summary: I have parts, I have a dog with the shits and still no job. The wedding is 179 days away.

Stay tuned…

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