Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Moments in Horse Trading

I try to stay away from making any sweeping and definitive statements about my dad because a) he was human and b) I was only alive for half of his life and of that I was only critical for less than half of that. What I will say though is that I never heard him use the term “Bucket List”. That is a term that I just cringe when I hear. I just read an article in the latest VTR mag that used the term in an annoying article about people driving and trailering their Triumphs across the USA without incident. I take that personally as I almost died twice and got arrested (in that order) to bring one to Canada from KC (the trip outlined early in this blog).

Bucket List is getting up there on my list of hated terms right next to “Parrothead” or “Guesstimate”. If I ever use any of these terms I would like someone, doesn’t matter who, to walk up behind me and put one right between my ears Sopranos style.

Dad did however travel to Italy, Africa, Scotland, most of the United States and Baffin Island – among other places. He had been nose to nose to both polar bears (Baffin Island) and militant lesbians (Texas Dyke Bar). He wasn’t bigger than life he just said yes to more things than he said no to. I try to live that way – it’s a short life and if you live it right you don’t need a bucket list. Please don’t use that term anymore – it’s the verbal equivalent to socks and sandals.

But I have to plug the one fellow who crossed the US in his 1962 TR4. His blog is a good read even if he does use the term “Bucket List”. Go to:

Moving on to new business I bought a MIG welder. Yes, yes I did. It’s the most beautiful MIG welder I have ever seen in my entire life. The car gods willed me to buy it.

As I stated last week I sold the moped for five-hundred dollars. Because the car gods willed it the Lincoln Weld-Pak 140 (the biggest 120 volt welder Lincoln makes) was on sale at Canadian Tire for four-hundred and ninety-nine dollars. The sale ended on February 18th and I waited as long as I could to think on buying it. The retail price is $650. Remember I’m the guy who impulse purchased a car in KC last year. I really wanted to think this one through.

I even went as far to throw a stink bid in on a Lincoln Weld-Pak 100 with a cart that was on for 745. It also had a bottle of Argon which I would need. This was the same guy that told me he didn’t need any more junk when I offered to trade the moped. I offered him 500 dollars for the whole setup.

Since we last emailed this fellow had sold off his bottle and offered me the just welder and cart for 550. I then still thought about this decision as his used MIG would be a little too old to come with a warranty. Usually the warranty thing would not be an issue but MIGs have rotating parts and I have a rule about warranties that falls down the line of moving parts and no moving parts.

I was very proud of the amount of thought I put into this decision. I hope it’s a sign of latent maturity. With my 500 dollars from the moped deal, seven dollars and ninety cents in Canadian Tire money (which stacks as high as a thousand dollars in twenties in real money) and Ruffin the wonder mutt I proceeded to head to three different Canadian Tire stores to track down this unit. I actually inquired about stock in town at the first Canadian Tire I hit but had to pass another on the way to the store I was told had the unit in stock. I stopped in just to make sure.

It was the last day in the sale and so late they weren’t even advertising the sale price anymore. I got the last one this store had and with my Canadian Tire money and GST the total came to $517.09. I then found a brand new welding cart on for $25.00. Thank you Al! MIG welding cars hover around the $100-150 range.

So for $542.09 I got a brand new welder , cart and three year warranty. I love when a plan comes together. I still need a bottle of Argon but I will still be under budget when I get that.

That’s all that happened this week on the car. Most of my time right now is devoted to finding employment. This car project will stop dead unless I can get this resolved. DANT DANT DAAA!

Stay tuned...

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