Monday, January 25, 2010

Sex and Violent Spinning

There is something to be said about working on a classic roadster with the Barrett-Jackson on the tube in the background. It has to be right up there with George Costanza’s tri-factor sex, sandwich and television combo.

I still don’t have parts. I am close to having parts but I still don’t have parts. It looks now that I have found, through Donald of Red TR6 fame, a Canadian supplier with parts in stock. If the good lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise we should see parts as early as next week.

Being that I can’t stop just because of lack of parts I spent the good part of the last three days working on the car. I cleaned the engine bay. I rubbed and rubbed and cleaned. I documented and removed smog parts, electronic parts and brake parts.

I think it’s starting to look good. Brake fluid and battery acid has taken its toll on the paint in some areas but nothing has rusted through. The worse is what I would refer to as “acne”.

I exposed the rust effected areas with a wire spinning tool until my Makita die-grinder spun the wire heads to death. The vibration is something else when those heads let go.

I have also been trying to get my hands on a MIG welder. Dad had a flux-core welder but they are not really good with sheet metal or/and novice users. I hunted down two MIGs on Kijiji but it seems that so far no one wants to trade a ’69 Honda P50 Moped for a MIG. One guy even told me to "screw off".

I penned an email to another fellow who initially told me he doesn’t need anymore “junk” when I proposed the moped swap but since has shown a smidgen of interest in me and my plight. I have now proposed trading my Stihl chainsaw and 200 bucks for his MIG setup. I have two saws and being that I only need one to maim myself severely; the trade would be a good one.

I’m not sure how the MIG thing is going to turn out but I’m hoping for the best.

The lads in my wedding are getting fitted for their kilts this weekend. This brings that impending wedding on the radar. I know it’s only January but as Van would say: “precious time is slipping away”. Soon August will be here and hopefully so will a small British sports car.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Just don't turn into a@#$%%e extrordinaire Dwayne from Boyd Coddington as the hour grows near.