Monday, January 4, 2010

Rotten Rockers #1

Welcome to 2010.

As of Today, Tuesday January 5th 2010, there are only 214 days until I get married which means obviously less than that to work on the car. Now that the engine is being handled by qualified and skilled professionals I have a firm belief that the car will run this year.

Can I get an amen?

The trick now is everything else.

To figure out where I stand I went on The Roaster Factory website yesterday. As I clicked through I added every part I believe the car is going to need to my shopping cart. The total came to 5,713.48 American dollars. I was actually surprised I thought it would come to more.

I am not saying that I am buying every part through TRF as I have already found some parts on Ebay (remember the knob and crashpad) for less money than TRF. The fellow who bought the infamous red car of Kansas City fame told me about a parts dealer called Moss. I've been checking them out also.

That afternoon of clicking gave me some perspective but I have to knock things off as I go. No one is asking me for six grand tomorrow. I can take this in steps.

For now the next step is the most daunting task since the engine is now in good hands. I need to remove both rocker panels from under both doors. They are rotten and very holey.

I am going to do the right side of the car first. Before I can remove the rocker I have to remove both the front and rear fenders (front and rear wings for European readers). The rear fenders on these cars bolt off - thank god. I then have to drill out the spot-welds holding the rocker on the car. This looks to be rather difficult because the doorjamb is welded over the rocker like a saddle.

I am going to do the one side and finish it before I start the other as I'm starting to get rather uncomfortable with how much of this car is apart. Lets not have the entire thing scattered about.

The stinger is that I am attending a wedding course this weekend! So another weekend lost. It's going to get down to crunch-time rather quick if I can't get to this car. I hope I can sneak into the shop next week depending on the j-o-b situation - that is priority number one. Working on this car has to be up there with maintaining a coke habit.

Stay tuned…

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