Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keep on Rocking me Baby (Rotten Rockers #2)

I dropped Krista off at home moments after the pre-marriage course ended on Sunday and I was down the road to Red Deer. Being that I am still very much unemployed I decided to spend my Sunday night and Monday working on the car.

After a big steak with my mom I was out in the shop with the car. I had to get both fenders off. Before I could get at the nasty task of removing the rocker panel I had the nasty task of removing the fenders.

Most of the night was spent on a little game called find the fender bolt. The engineers at Lucas motors in the sixties dug fasteners more than they dug Strawberry Alarm Clock. Eventually (2hrs) I had the rear passenger's fender off. What I found underneath was a lot of undercoating and dried mud. Not just dried mud but dried mud from when Raiders of the Lost Ark was in theaters.

There was a little rust at the bottom of the doorpost but other than that very little badness to report. The cancer was fairly retained to the rocker.

The front fender was a little worse. The headlight surround is a part of the fender and it was pretty rusty and broke apart from the rest of the fender. I think this fender will need to be replaced. I had to drillout some rivets on the headlight bezal so the front was a little more difficult then the rear.

Underneath the front fender there wasn’t much to report other than more undercoating and more mud from the early eighties.

Having both fenders off the right-side of the car is a little intimidating. It’s serious business to have the car in this condition. The only solution was to push on. Soon I had the cutting disc on the grinder and I was off and running on mutilating that rusty rocker.

For good measure I nicked my knuckle within minutes of plugging in the grinder - just to get it out of the way. Lots of blood. I cut away the bottom of the old rocker and started to pull it way from the car. As soon I got the bottom of the rocker pulled away from the inter-rocker a mummified mouse corpse fell out onto my face. Needless to say that was gross.

Having both fenders off and most of the rocker on the floor I retired to bed at about 2AM. It took me about 5 hours to get this far. Or, by the way I was measuring, 5 episodes from season one of The Wire (thanks Neal).

Monday I was back at it. I spent most of the day removing the residual rocker. I grinded away the spot-welds and pulled away the metal with a flat-bladed screwdriver. I grinded for about six hours trying my best not have a spark land in my ear. With my tinted safety shades and hoody I must resembled a grinding Uni-bomber.

All and all it looks good. I was impressed with the finished product. There is a little rust at the front of the inter-rocker. That can be fixed.

The next step is to order the new rocker. I refuse to take any more of this car apart before I get something put back on.

Hugs and Kiss from Muppetlabs…. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jim and Jer let me know about this. I'm enjoying the adventure, Angus, so look forward to reading more.

    (Auntie) Kathy