Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grinder Boy at the Grind

I want you to remember this face when I’m driving my brains out with a big grin.

This week was grinding, grinding, grinding and removing a bumper. I would have liked to have a story about how the rocker panel and other parts are ordered and on their way but that’s not the case.

I tried my best to order them. I got right on it when I got back last Tuesday. I phoned TRF and tried to get a shipping quote but we didn’t get that far – the parts were out of stock.

I then called Moss and tried to get a shipping quote. The fellow I spoke with told me that a local dealer was ordering a bunch of parts tomorrow and shipping would be covered if I ordered with them.

So that’s what I did… or tried to do. I phone the place and spoke to a very nice woman who said she would phone me back when they were ordering the parts. That was supposed to be Wednesday at three PM. She never called. So, being that I had no interest seeing her naked I ditched the three day rule, and phoned her again. I was told that the order guy at Moss, apply named Britt, went home for the day to babysit his grandson. Really? The only guy who can order parts went home for the day?

Today is Monday and I haven’t heard back from anyone. Everyone, from Britt on down has my number and I’m standing here holding my money out and no one wants to take it – not TRF, not Britt, not the lady in Calgary – no one.

I figured it out though. The only guys ordering these parts are retired guys who move like glaciers. There is a line up of hobbyist who put a small European project car between themselves and the great beyond. They have all the time in the world.

This is reminiscent of when I comparative shopped for a shower stool a few years back. This is life in the slow lane. It seems I have to ‘splain to these cats that I have a deadline. I’m not your typical shopper. Points will be given for speed.

Meanwhile I’m a grinding fool. Good news is that we got the Satellite TV going in the TR6 room now. Seems counterintuitive but I actually get more done and stay working longer when I have the tube going in the background. I don’t get as lonely.

Although this week TV will be in the foreground –that’s right it’s Barrett Jackson time again. It’s a great time of year as I get see momentary glimpses of cars I love and a whole lot detail on Corvettes and ’57 Chevys. I feel the same way about these cars as I feel about Bob Seger’s “Ol’ Time Rock and Roll” and Gail Garnett’s “We’ll Sing in The Sunshine” – I’ve seen it – I don’t need to be exposed to these things ever again… ever!

But I love it. I love griping about it. I love making fun of Mr. Wrestler and his pink jacket. I love the creepy cat in the shades. I love to wonder what size of bat Spanky Lassiter is swinging to land Amy. Personally, I’m thinking it’s a creepy religion thing. You have to be watching it as long as I have to understand all these characters.

This is the second Barrett-Jackson auction since dad passed. The kicker is that one before he passed he was there, at the auction. He invited me but I stupidly turned it down because of work commitments. If you didn’t believe it before now believe it now, dad was the real deal.

Stay tuned…..

Tyler and Kathy Broks of the world famous Broks spotted this TR6 in Hawaii last week. Looks like another '76 but no bumperettes... strange?

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