Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The William Wallace of Cars

The purchase of the Red Car was ill-advised. But since I wasn`t taking anyone`s advice back then it’s no one`s fault but my own. It was the product of me trying to make a bold statement that I`m serious about this venture. It was the war dance that precedes the battle.

The red car sold on EBay yesterday for fair market value – must be - the market determined it. It was enough but not as much as I wanted and not as much as I paid. It was enough to keep the project moving forward – and cash flow is important to a project like this.

132 people of the internet watched that car sell according to EBay. I considered pulling the car Sunday night, but close to my goal and with 132 watchers, I thought for sure there were some bidders tucked away in there. The final ten minutes of the auction was like the end of Brave Heart: All those watchers and nothing happened.

But that’s the end of that. The red car has been good to us – if not as a parts car but as an analog of what dad`s car should be like when it`s done. And for those who are thinking it I will speak to it: I got ``Anga-sized``.

In other news: I got the call that the motor for dad`s car has arrived in Kelowna. Apparently the pallet split open and the engine tipped at the delivery depot. Mike has gone down to investigate.

It`s starting to seem that this apprehension and fear will be with me throughout this project.

Stay tuned…


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