Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Crash Pad Week

In an attempt to be one with the web 2.0 I'm drafting this week's blog on Google Docs. It certainly keeps my desktop a bit cleaner.

Last week was a disaster, and all my fault. In a rush to get into this project I have made some poor decisions (I’m going to keep saying that until it sinks in). Not the least of which was buying the KC car. This is Angus unchaperoned – not pretty. It's harder because I'm half of a team now. Dad used to keep me in check when I was careening towards the deep end. Anyone hear a giant splash last week?

The part of last week's disaster that wasn't born of bad decisions was born of bad luck. Bad luck and bad decisions seem to go hand and hand.

I believe the engine is OK. I spoke with Al at Mike's shop, and although Al seems to have the bedside manner of an oncologist, he sounded guardedly optimistic about the condition of the engine. At least it seems the split crate didn't make anything worse.

I have to send Mike and the gang some money this week. Hopefully that will bring more answers... money usually has that effect.

Today I received the new crash pad (think dash) for dad's car. I bought it on Ebay. It's by the same manufacturer for the ones on The Roadster Factory's website. It was 30 dollars cheaper than the one from TRF. Thank Jebus for small mercies.

Speaking of Jebus; I, against my will and better judgment, attended an adult-type Christmas party on Saturday (Saturday is a car day, so doubly bad). At one point, when it seems now I should have gone left and went right, I got trapped in a conversation with an overly-gregarious-religious-type. To make matters worse this dude had some insider info that I was doing this project. For the next twenty minutes I was on the receiving of a lot of free advice. I wouldn't have minded as much but it was rather obvious that this fellow's knowledge about cars included everything that could be clicked on. His hands had never been dirty.

I don’t suffer gentlemen car guys gladly.

I’m still sporting the deep wound in my left palm from where the metal head gasket went into it two weeks ago. Money is leaking out of me like I have a coke habit and I still don't have all the answers on the engine let alone the deep bowels of the car's body. He, a bible humpin' "car guy" and his Tirerack.com account is not in my world. This was torture and possibly punishment from the car gods for my overlooking dad’s motor.

"So tell me about your missions to China?" I rather get assaulted spiritually then automotively. In the end I medicated and ultimately survived.

The weather has slowed things down its -38 at the acreage. I did visit dad's car on Sunday. I stared at it for an hour, sprayed some degreaser in some spots in the engine bay and lamented over the long road ahead. It was obvious that the next step is to clean everything to see what is what. The good news is that Krista (the fiancée) and I are there over the holiday. She's gets to put her money where her mouth is and get her hands dirty. She's excited.

Stay tuned...

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