Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Collapsed Rings, Yay!

I got another call from Mike. It looks like the motor is in good shape. Not great shape but good shape. All that was wrong with it was that it had collapsed rings on two pistons. Mike said that at the time it was parked the car would have been blowing a tonne of black smoke as the oil would be directly exposed to two combustion chambers. If it had been run long enough it might have started knocking also.

I think this is good news but it has been met with mixed feelings. I, myself, am glad to get the news being that I have to live in the now. As much as it would have been nice for dad to have figured this out and fixed it in '81 this news bodes well for the restoration. It has a direct effect on the bottom line. My other argument is that if it had been fixed then the car might not be in our possession any more. It would be very appealing to sell a running TR because it was impractical to transport two or more kids around in.

The reality is that in 1981 dad had just exited a business venture on less then great terms and was trying to make a go of another one. He also had two sons for which he had to provide. Times were tight. I am thankful he had the presence of mind to hang on to the car.

I find it strange that that period is very similar to what's happening now. Currently I am going through my own period of financial woes. It has been a slow year and, lately, it's been stressful for me and my fiancée Krista - I can't imagine what it would be like if we had to provide for two kids also.

The good news about the engine comes just as it appeared the darkness had settled in. I am expediently more invigorated then a week ago.

An inspection of Dad's car by Donald, the guy who bought the red car, has me thinking seriously about replacing at least three of the four fenders on the car. The thought of putting a whole bunch of bondo into the brow and trailing edge of the fenders makes me cringe. Add that to the rusted out outer rockers and we're north of 2000 dollars on panels alone. That really brings the unemployment issue into focus.

My inspiration is that Dad pulled through even with two more kids, bringing his total to four in a fairly dire economy. I too will pull through. If the car needs three fenders it will get three fenders - I can make it happen.

It's Christmas on Friday. It's the second one since dad passed. It's bitter sweet that Christmas will be a little easier than last year. I'm looking forward to being around the family.

Merry Christmas… Stay tuned.

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