Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Road Trip Day 3 - Part 1

I awoke excited – very excited. We checked out of our motel and packed up the truck to make the run to Restoration shop in KC were the TR6 sat waiting. We got back on the freeway cranked the tunes rolled down the windows and basked in the Missouri morning sun – life is good.

It wasn’t long before that ominous grinding sound from under the truck was back. In fact it was louder, scarier and was effecting the steering… life is not good. We clunked off the freeway and pulled over in a neighbourhood. Upon inspection we found that the passenger’s side front wheel was at 70 degree angle to the ground. There were metal shavings inside the rim and on the ground. I didn’t know it right away but after pulling the wheel off we found that the hub was absolutely pulverized. All the barrel-type bearings were gone and the wheel hub and collar were sitting on each other. The only thing holding the wheel on the truck was the disc brake. It was a bloody-bloody mess. We had probably stopped just short of having the wheel come right off the truck.

I phone AMA for a tow truck and had to lie about the Gross weight of the truck so they wouldn’t charge me above what AMA would cover. What’s an extra 500 pounds to a tilt deck anyway? They did however ding me for towing the trailer also. I really need to upgrade to AMA RV service.

The tow truck driver took us to the best place to have the truck fixed but they were too busy so we just dropped the trailer there and headed to the second best place to have the truck fixed. They said they could get too it right around lunch and we were now honing in on 11 am. We contemplated renting a car but settled on going for a nice lunch at a homestyle sitdown place. I think we were the only two not having the biscuits and gravy. I ordered a pork sandwich and it was – of course- battered and fried.

After lunch we could see up the hill were the truck was and it was still sitting out on the repair shop lot so we did a walk around tour of our immediate area. We toured a pet shop then a pawn shop and walked by a giant fireworks store that looked to be a former funeral home.

As we walked back up the hill we could see the truck going into the shop finally – it was now about ten to one in the afternoon. Not only were we now not up one TR6, we were down one truck – that’s bad car math.

We waited in the office of the car shop for about an hour and a half and listen to a financial call-in show. It was interesting because the callers would call in and bounce finance questions off the host. It was made more interesting by the fact that half the callers debt problems were because of hospital/health care bills. This was a fairly foreign concept to two Albertans. Before too long we were told that the truck was done and that the damage was contained to the hub… and the disc brake. Both had to be replaced but I was fairly impressed with the cost. I am convinced this would be an 1,300 dollar repair at my local Dodge dealership and at this very clean, very well run shop it came to 700 dollars and change. Even with the exchange it wasn’t a bad deal. The name of the place was Leibrand’s Riverside Automotive Repair if I may drop a plug… I’m not sure I have plug clout yet.

To be continued...

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