Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Continuing Saga of the TR6 Room

Currently we're experiencing problems activating the heating system in the TR6 room.

This room is at the back of a shop on the acreage and, until earlier this year, were two rooms. It's now one big one. Unfortunately it hasn’t been heated for sometime as the existing under floor heating was in rough shape.

The world’s best plumber, Michael H. McPherson, has torn the system down to the under floor heating and built it back up to be a glycol-filled closed under floor system. Michael originally installed an electric hot water tank to heat the glycol but it seems now, as efficient as it is, electric doesn't have the recovery to keep up with what is required. We're going to gas!!

On that note - I'm still quite under-employed - anybody? anybody? Bueller?

Stay tuned...

For now enjoy me in 2006 driving the worlds shabbiest 72 Caddy Eldorado

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