Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Knob Week

Big changes a doing here in the TR6 Cottage! Dad’s motor is going west… Kelowna to be specific.

After opening up Dad’s engine like a gift on Christmas morning and finding nothing but goodness and oil; I phoned Mike of Mike’s British Auto Repairs. Mike took a look of the high def photos online and wants to stick his hands into this motor.

SOOO… the Sutherland Clan rallied around this and we worked a sweetheart deal to courier the motor out to Mike. That will happen this week. It’s a good feeling that dad’s motor will be the engine powering this car.

I met Mike in August, moments after I bought the red car. Back then he had a lot real good advice and made some game changing statements about these cars. I’m stoked to have him in on this project.

Meanwhile I’ve relisted the red car on Ebay – no reserve. I listed it on Saturday and as of today it’s up to 1600 hundred bucks Canadian. If it doesn’t break 4000 bucks I’m going to pull it – do some work to it and list it again.

To answer the question “what happens if the engine is not viable?” Well, I thought about that, and it’s highly unlikely from what I saw, but if so we’ll snag another engine block. I know this undermines my KC excursion but I rather have some of dad’s motor in there than nothing. And I really don’t think that’s going to be the case.

I also receive a walnut gearshift knob I ordered off EBay. Dad’s had one at one time and it split. I’m not convinced this one is the same but it looks great.

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