Sunday, August 9, 2009

TR6 Post Number 3

The TR6 Project just got a big kick in the pants...

The truth is that there is an finite number of TR6's that can be on the planet at one time. To that end this red one in Kansas City must be sacrificed.

It's mine I own it. I bought it on Ebay last week for 3600 dollars American. I now have two TR's: dad's 76 and this 74.

This red one is originally from Hawaii. It has been in Kansas City for 13 years or so in "storage". It runs and drives and only has 39000 miles on it. The rest has yet to been seen. The fellow that has it owns a european car restoration company and was the one who got this running after being in storage for a long time.

There is no hard top with it and the soft top and much of the carpet is gone. To tell you the truth, from the pictures, what remains looks a lot like dad's.

I'm concerned with what I'm not seeing. I am also concerned with why this fellow decided to sell rather then part out or restore. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but nothing is free and running, low mileage TRs are never so cheap - unless.... rusty frame??

Being it's not the frame I'm after; being that this car is half the price The Roadster Factory quoted for a rebuilt motor (although everyone else has come in at 3000 since I bought this car) and being that I'm getting a bunch a parts I'm not sure I need yet this could be a good..... or maybe, just maybe a great deal.

Best case is that I can sell the body and frame for 2000. That's the going price for one in good shape. Let's hope for that. This year needs to be one of miricles.

Logistically this car could only be worse if it was still in Hawaii. Kansas City is 2700 KMs. That's a long-long way to run. So far in fact I can find no one who wants to go with me. I'm hoping to do the trip in 3 days.

I'm hoping to leave August 18th and return on August 20th. More on this before then.

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