Monday, August 17, 2009

Irregular Post 1 (Horrifying Reality)

I realize no one is reading this yet. Which is good ‘cause I want a head start before I tell to many people about this.

But if you are reading this then prepared to be brought back to earth by the gravity of how out of hand this project is.

I took some pics today of the car in question. To be referred to from this time forward as the “patient”. It’s arguable which is in worse shape: the patient or the parts car. That’s ignoring the fact that the donor 6 runs.

I looked underneath the patient today and the problem areas around the rear suspension and the crucifix don’t seem to be an issue on this car. I tried to take a pic but the SLR refused to snap a picture – I have to figure that thing out.

Anyway, here are the before pictures, enjoy (and yes, this is the same car in the title pic):

PS: I leave for Kansas City Wednesday morning at five AM – this blog is bound to get more interesting.

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