Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TR6 Post Number 1

In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-o-one....

I do not know where my father is now, but I know he’s not tangible. I’m looking for him. It seems strange because I am also liquidating him – what was him. When my father passed he owned 31 automobiles; all different years, different models and different levels of disrepair... well most. I am in the process of selling these cars. We just can’t keep all of them. Through ebay and Kijiji slowly but surely they are leaving. Some of the characters I meet I enjoy. Some make me feel dirty and cheap. Everyone enjoys the view. I haven’t looked a view in awhile- it's been nice to have it pointed out again. It is a nice view; it looks east over the Red Deer river valley.

My father is in all these cars and I have no idea why he bought them or why they came to him. I know now he would have never been to restore them all. I don’t even know if that was his intent.I never thought to ask.

Before there were all the other cars – before there were all of us – us, being me and my sibs – there was a brand new 1976 Triumph TR6. It was a bright orange British drop-top sports car. Sometime in the early eighties a piston went through the block.I suspect because it was driven fast and a lot.

I was born in 1979. I have been told I rode in this car. I rode as an infant in this two seater cockpit of this open air cockpit. This would be a horrifying to today's helicoper parents. I don't remember riding in this car. I don’t know; I’ve been told. This car has been a static figure for my entire recollection.

The last winter my father was alive; right around Christmas my father had me and my brothers bring the mighty TR out of storage. It had been stored in a small utility room at the back of the shop for 14 years. It was so long in storage that room in which was stored was commonly known as “The TR6 Room”by family and friends alike.

Before that it was stored in our backyard in Blackfalds, Alberta. There it served double duty has a soccer backstop and place for the dog to sun himself.

Before dad got too sick he got the interior and top torn down.

I want to restore the car. Shit, I want to drive the car from Calgary to Vancouver much like Benjamin Braddock driving to Berkeley in the Graduate.

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