Thursday, July 9, 2009

TR6 Post Number 2

I quit my job.

Maybe I am taking the echo-boomer credo too seriously but I am curious about what I am going to do for the next three years. My girlfriend would like if I found what I would do for the next thirty years.

The upside to being unemployed is the free time of course; all-the-better to work on the Triumph. Maybe I will sit out the recession. I rather not use that word “recession” not in the age of Barrack.

I liked Barrack’s comment on Sixty Minutes last night: The one about how quick the decline in the economy has been – it could be just as fast to recover… hopeful thinking. I hope so, I hope so. As Letterman would say, “I wouldn’t give his problems to a monkey on a rock”.

This has very little to do with the little orange car – or does it? Unfortunately now that I am unemployed so is the car. You think things couldn’t get worse for a car that has a seized engine and has been sitting for almost 30 years. Now it’s unemployed.

It’s always darkest before the dawn (I’m going to say that a few more times). Just this weekend the “Mancave” received four brand new sealed florescent lights.

I guess this is the point where I mention what the hell the “Mancave” is? The room in the big shop on my parent’s acreage formally called “The TR6 Room” has been expanded by removing a wall. Well, with a little elbow-grease and time this is going to be the location of the rebuild of the Triumph TR6. For reasons that are obvious to anyone who grew up in the age of Tim Allen and Home Improvement, I name it the Man Cave (from now on no more quotations).

The Roadster Factory has told me an engine rebuild is going to be around 7000 American. And that’s not all this car needs. Although I have said repeatedly a running TR6 is a very different from a stationary one.

Very, very different.