Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Last Video For The Road

I have a couple posts left in me to finish this four year project up. But before that, this:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Remaining Calm

This is from my trip to San Fran earlier this year - The Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Fran
From the Graduate

This is has been one long journey and hey it ain’t over yet. The car and I did a pass through the mountains a couple of weeks ago but not in the way it’s intended; more in the way it’s gone the last two times it’s gone through. There is more news to come.

There will be a rousing finality to all this – there has to be. The car is in good hands – I have to wait a little longer – what’s another month or so after 30 years.

…Stay tuned. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is here (Kinda) Interior is in (most definitely)

First Drive of 2012 - just around the neighbourhood as it was right at freezing.

I love the parking brake boot but it makes makes the parking brake handle look that much worse.
The view from the passenger-side
The view from the driver's side.

On the short list of things left to do: Gluing the leading edge of the vinyl top, safety inspection and getting the wheels painted.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid Winter Update

I walked into the house after work one day, a few weeks back. The first thing I heard from my lovely wife was "That car is stinking up the garage! What's wrong with it?"

I calmly replied "It's a British car - that's the way they smell". Eventually I too had to admit there was a strong smell of gasoline coming from the car. Upon minimal inspection under the hood I could tell the fuel pump was leaking everywhere. I tightened things to no avail so now, as I write this, the car has a new fuel pump.

From denial to inspection to diagnoses to half-ass-fix-attempt to surrender to purchase of new pump to installation was about a six week turnaround. Meanwhile almost every event where we had friends and family over I wanted to show the car off to came in those six weeks. Not a big deal since Calgary is currently buried under a foot of snow but I would have like to have been able to fire her up for the fans.

There are some small parts I need before I finish skinning my convertible top. And the big thing I'm hoping to get in January/February is my carpet kit from Skinner. But for the most part the car is now a living organism. So much so I often forget to pull the negative off the battery and she doesn't short or run the battery down while I'm away. I come back days later and open the door to the bright courtesy lights.

There is a point in the build where a car becomes more than the sum of its parts. It's the point where the car develops its personality again. We are past that point. The car has a presence. For those who were in my garage over the last couple months and hadn't see the car for a year it's not the same car to them. I can see people's happiness for things saved where there once was a sadness for things lost. Believe me, I've seen both looks over the 3 years I've been into this.

I'm not saying I've created Herbie The Love Bug but, I feel, the essence of a soul is now there. Not every car has it - my wife's Rav4 doesn't. It has more in common with our stove than it does the TR6. But great cars do.

It's Christmastime and I really am enjoying it. Times are good. I like to make sure I convey that in this blog. These entries were so dark for so long during that first year that it makes it that much more important to note the fruits of that struggle.

Hayden and Ruffin wish you a Merry Christmas too

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Show and Tell

This is the point where I shut up and let the pictures do most of the talking. Since I last submitted a blog report Shawn and Dave were over to lend their expertise to the installation of the waist seals for the doors. Between the two of them they have a TR6, TR250, MGB, and TR250 project. AND wives who have given up all hope of parking in the garage - I’ll get Krista there someday. I had the windows in seconds before they installed the waist seals. the windows work great but those waist seals really have me tickled.

I had another order come in from EBay this week that I was trying to avoid but in the end I had to bite the bullet. The order was the column mounted dimmer switch. I reported earlier that I had rebuilt it but it wasn’t staying rebuilt. I opened it up two more times and it would work for a few uses then act up again. I picked a used one up for a hundred bucks including shipping. It wasn’t a screaming deal but almost half of what they retail for. I installed it last night and works great.

It didn’t take me long to get my door panels installed after the windows and seals went in. Within three days I had both new door panels installed. I put all of the hardware on except for one window crank as it’s missing the knob. I have new crank assembly coming in from EBay for sixteen bucks. I hope it will be here this week.

Also received an order from Moss. This ordered contained my windshield wiper blades. Along with those the order also contained seals for between the windows and the convertible top frame.

Speaking of the convertible top - as of this past weekend - I almost have the top completely installed. I need to glue the leading edge but before I do that I want to wait until my leading edge seal channel arrives from Moss. The top provided a lot of challenges not the least of which was a trip to “Michaels Craft Store” for a snap punch, leather hole cutter and Velcro. That place is not fit for man or beast on the weekend before Halloween. After a lot of line-waiting, hammering, tugging and swearing the top looks really good.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dashing Dash

Late Friday Krista and I returned from Brother Lachlan’s wedding in Mexico. It was a great week and I did relax. Although the entire time I was there I couldn’t help but wonder: “has my dash arrived at home yet?”
Turns out it arrived the same day I did and with the three day weekend the car got some long deserved attention. 

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but I will share that I had the car out to celebrate the new dash on Saturday (most things are celebrated with a TR6 drive these days).  No side roads this time as I took her out on 1A and then on to the mighty Stoney Trail. Now that I am driving this car there are two things that I can’t get over. The first being the long power curve of that little motor. That thing is torque-y and long legged. It’s very fun to drive. The other thing is how small it is. Granted its big sitting next to my MIG welder in the garage but get her into modern (read: boxy behemoths) traffic and it’s a little intimidating. I had an F250 Diesel go by me on the right in three lane traffic and I have to admit I may have left a brown lump in my pants. I’m basically driving a double-wide Goldwing – except you sit a good two feet higher on a Goldwing. I do love plugging the little car into lanes with ease. It snakes through traffic like a ghost.   

Dash, Door caps, snaps for boot and tonneau cover and under the boot: softtop frame.

Look at that dash.
British Leyland Badge. I tried to save the original but it fell apart when I attempted to remove it.

Some of you may not beleive this but dad's car only ever had one and it was on the passenger-side

Night driving anyone? - all new bulbs- everywhere.

The first pic is from August 2009
Prince of Darkness Battery (Label) an the new hold down kit

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waiting on Parts

Waiting on parts again. The good news is that I see that TRF has charged my credit card. That's their anti-social way of telling me what I ordered is on it's way. The parts will probably arrive while I'm away for brother Lachlan's wedding in Mexico. So no post next week.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned...